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The Colours of Domestic Horses

The book describes 45 coat colour genes and 21 coat colour loci suggested in domestic horse breeds. Colour types are designated according to recommendations by ‘Horse Com­mission’, a subcommission of ‘Euro­pean Association for Animal Production’ (EAAP). The manuscript is based upon classical mammalian colour genetics and includes newly discovered genes as well as new interpretations of previously described genes. European colour breeds are described, with a special emphasis on the historical Danish breeds: the Frederiksborg (bred for colour three centuries ago) and the Knabstrup (a modern colour breed). American colour breeds, Appaloosa, Pinto, Paint, Tiger Horse, Champagne Horse, and ‘American Albino’ are described. The European counterparts of Palomino and Pinto bred as horses of traditional riding type are described. A thorough description with Icelandic terms is given of the exuberance of colours found in the Icelandic Horse. The reader will be able to distinguish pigment types, pigment variations, pigment patterns and pied pat­terns. The book gives an introduction to basic Mendelian genetics and provides information on advanced genetics, such as co-dominance, intermediary dominance, epistasis, hypostasis, epigene­tics, genomic imprinting, and X-chromosome inactivation. Diseases and unwanted traits which may accompany specific colours are described, with advice for breeders on how to avoid the unwanted traits but still breed the desired colours.


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